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To become a sponsor simply fill out the form on this page. We are seeking financial or in-kind contributions*. In-kind contributions can be any unused items we can give away as prizes on ROC Transit Day (ie: Gift certificates, Products, Swag, etc).

Presenting - $5,000
For a donation of $5,000 or more ROC Transit Day will be co-branded with your company name and logo. This level of sponsorship will ensure that we are able to bring ROC Transit Day back again next year. In exchange for this critical level of support, each time ROC Transit Day is mentioned so will your business. You'll be featured in all of our marketing communications and thanked publicly at our special events on ROC Transit Day. (Only one spot available for this sponsorship level. First come first serve.)

Keystone - $1,000
Your logo and URL will be added to our web sites as a KEYSTONE sponsor. You'll also be featured in all of our marketing communications (may include print ads, online, posters, and next year's video). We'll promote your business in our social media communications and you'll also be thanked publicly at our special events on ROC Transit Day.

Major - $300
Your logo and URL will be added to our web sites as a MAJOR sponsor. You'll be featured in our general posters, emails, and we'll promote your business in our social media communications.

Supporting - $150
Your logo and URL will be added to our web sites as a SUPPORTING sponsor. We'll also promote you via social media.

For Merchants - FREE
If you are a merchant, business, or restaurant you can choose to offer a discount or freebie to your customers if they show a bus pass on ROC Transit Day. Let us know what you plan to offer your transit-riding customers on June 19, and we'll promote your business via social media and include your location on our online interactive map.

Please send your sponsorship payment to:

Reconnect Rochester, Inc.
P.O. Box 67504
Rochester, NY 14617

*Reconnect Rochester, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Sponsors will receive a thank-you letter and donations may be tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor.




ROC Transit Day is made possible by these KEYSTONE sponsors...

Rochester Rhinos
Reconnect Rochester
Rochester Transit Service



And these MAJOR sponsors...

e-Commerce, Print, Mail, Packaging, Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics



And these SUPPORTING sponsors...

Flour City Shows
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Many thanks to these participating merchants...



And to these organizations for pledging to use public transit on ROC Transit Day...



Thanks to our very talented buskers and musical performers!

And thanks to our team! You guys are the best!

Mike Governale, Director

Brenda Kremens, Sponsorship Coordinator

John Lam, Project Manager

Bob Williams, Planner & Transit Guru

Carlos Mercado, Treasurer

Jay Partyka

Mike Bouwmeester

Barbara Clarke

Javier Dominguez

Jennie Governale-Fox

Brendon Hart

Jessica Hilaire

Eric Scafetta

Jeff Singer

Matthew Townsend

Scott Wolf

Gary Bogue

Dorothy Paige

Mark Oswald

Jessica Hilaire

Jesse Peers & son

Nicholas Russo

Jason Haremza

John DeRycke

Matthew Denker

Jason & Stefanie Schwingle

Ander Kazmerski

Andrew Kuter

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